Strategic & Out-of-the-Box Experiences, Training | Speaking | Consulting, The Why, A life of service to develop, inspire and support others as much as I can, as often as I can, in as many ways as I can, everywhere that I can. What We Do. We are a training, speaking and consulting company that works to support organizations in any industry around the globe, with the best leadership tools in the market. Training Development, Speaking, Facilitation, Career Mentoring, Project Management, Coaching, How it works…Step 1: Discovery Meeting, In this no-charge meeting, we'll get to know each other, and also learn all about your role, organization and what sparked the interest to meet. Step 2: Share Your Goal. Let's chat all about what problem(s) you'd like to solve. Normally, this presents itself in the form of a noticeable concern: alignment, attrition, career growth, communication, conflict, leadership, performance, sales, self-awareness, trust, or something else. Step 3: Pick The Best Topic, Next, we'll discuss what concentration (tool) helps us reach your goal. This could be Everything DiSC, Intern/Leader/Team Development, The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, SL II, or something else (ew-la-la). Step 4: Design The Experience. Now, the big question - what method creates an EXPERIENCE for the topic to resonate and the goal to be met? It could be a scavenger hunt, flip chart exercises, gallery walk, competitions, trivia, and much more. We specialize in woo-and-do's, not sit-and-gets. Step 5: Proposal and Tweaking. We'll draft it up with pricing, share it with you, and then we collaborate together on edits, enhancements and tweaks for your organization. It's definitely a team effort for your success. Book at meeting. Dubai What people are saying, Megan is one of the most driven and positive people I've ever met. She brings a level of energy and spirit that makes you believe anything can be accomplished. I worked with Megan at Texas Tech University. I knew that after she met with a prospective student and/or their family, the student was going to enroll at Texas Tech. She is always hungry to learn more and continue to develop her skills as an individual contributor and as a member of a team. She is a leader and people want to follow her because she can bring people together around a shared vision. Drew Melendres, Senior Vice President, Ruffalo Noel Levitz, Unlock our Career Possibilities, Influence and communication, There's no doubt about it. Today's professional world is demanding: In-person, virtual and remote teams. Emails, chats, calls and texts. Personal filters. Stress behaviors. Culture. Back-to-back meetings. A million things to do. Maybe lunch. Culture Sustainment and Customer Service, No matter the industry, it's important to understand what is shaping your culture. Remember, if you're not intentionally building your culture, it's happening anyway. Great leaders impact this everyday, so it's important for them to know their role in the vision and where to go for support. Employees need to know their purpose and feel their impact. Strategy Alignment and Productivity, A new leader. A loss of a team member. A new initiative. A re-org. Change is hard on teams. It impacts their performance and how effective they are for the organization. Strong leaders are guides through change to stability. Canada, U.S.A. Scotland, England, Netherlands, Norway, UAE, Azerbaijan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Angola, Brazil, International Training & Speaking, Contact Megan, Enthusiasm is the mother of all effort. Without it, nothing great was ever achieved." RACHEL EMERSON, International Experience, Ready to start a conversation? Let's chat!,, Schedule a free consultation