What a pleasure to work with a professional like Megan Billnoske. After speaking to clients for more than 20 years it was a pleasure to interact with Megan. She exceeded expectations throughout the training process. Her attention to details and preparation separates her from the rest. She spent time creating key insights so that we could best serve her company and work effectively with the participants. Megan is detailed, systematic as well as creative and personable. A powerful combination of leadership traits. I highly recommend Megan Billnoske. Director PEO Industry I will always remember your innovation and vision!! Debbie Coolidge Ken Blanchard Companies Megan is a natural leader. She brings great energy and tremendous integrity to everything she does. She understands the importance of a positive work culture through inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. Her engaging personality and leadership skills would be an asset to any company. Ike Agundez Government Sales Rep at Bobcat of Houston While working with Megan on several projects, she was able to bring very insightful ideas that had previously not been addressed. We were able to break down internal barriers, improve communication and dramatically increase employee engagement in a relatively short amount of time. Megan was a valuable asset to the company and I would recommend her to anyone looking for her assistance. General Manager Construction Industry. I met Megan when she presented on a panel at the Association of Talent Development Houston Chapter. I was struck by her engaging presentation skills, high energy, and the many creative ideas she offered to her fellow Learning and Development professionals. Megan is generous with her expertise and knowledge and is a great colleague to collaborate with. Amy Hart, Owner, Hart Training Connections, Megan's enthusiasm is contagious! While at Mustang CAT, I found her drive and passion for her role to be extremely motivating. She was always available to discuss work challenges, or just have general conversations about how our days were going. Any organization is extremely lucky to have such talent on board, and I hope to work with her again in the future! Ryan Murray Marketing Content and Project Management, Houston Methodist, Megan is one of the most driven and positive people I've ever met. She brings a level of energy and spirit that makes you believe anything can be accomplished. I worked with Megan at Texas Tech University. I knew that after she met with a prospective student and/or their family, the student was going to enroll at Texas Tech. She is always hungry to learn more and continue to develop her skills as an individual contributor and as a member of a team. She is a leader and people want to follow her because she can bring people together around a shared vision. Drew Melendres, Senior Vice President, Ruffalo Noel Levitz, You are a breath of fresh air with your organizational skills and communication talent! Jamie Ferrel, Director of Forensic Nursing Services, Memorial Hermann, She listens to our challenges and thoughts on the work that we do and provides useful but caring feedback and insight. She values the hard work that we do by providing "in the moment" fun things such as cocoa and peppermint sticks to bring up the mood! Her way of management has inspired me many times in how she recognizes us and brings us together as a team, even though we all have different styles. Because of her leadership, we have really formed a rocking team! Thank you for all that you do! Consultant Healthcare Industry I just had a 7:30am call with Megan about collaboration for a conference and I left the call feeling energized and inspired. She was organized, efficient with the time and the conversation, professional and easy to connect with. Thank you Megan for being the reason I am kicking off my day with a pep in my step. I am looking forward to working with you. Vice President Healthcare Industry, Megan is AMAZING! I really appreciate her balance of the big picture and attention to details. It is her attention to the details that I got to experience her thoughtfulness and creativity. We were working on scheduling a couple of presentations in the same day and her idea to leverage the technology allowed me to participate seamlessly, saving me a lot of time going back and forth. As I waited to present, she put on a favorite music playlist. It was such a treat to enjoy music in the middle of the day! Her warmth is evident on the screen and through the miles. Megan, thank you for being a delight to work with! Cindy Healthcare Industry, Creative, Artistic, and Professional; Megan has a commanding presence in front of a room and is eloquent and concise when delivering information. If you are interested in training and leadership development Megan needs to absolutely be considered. Her commitment to servant leadership is second to none and she is highly influential through her methods. Coach Sports Industry, Are you ready? Schedule a free consultation today, and start a conversation.