Helping students achieve their career dreams; 1:1 coaching sessions; student-to-employed professional program, intern experience program, Resumes, interview practice, LinkedIn and networking are critical to a professional career. Let's start here with the basics and meet you where you're at., In this 12 week coaching program, we tailor it to your goals. From resumes to what you should expect in your first year on the job, we cover it all, Starting Day 1, we expand intern skills for 10 weeks into productive employees. Site visits, lunch-and-learns, rotations and a team project are just the start of this hands-on experience. Dream jobs exist. You just can't settle. MEGAN BILLNOSKE, what past mentees say, Megan has been an absolute inspiration to me throughout my time at the University of Houston. She has mentored and shaped me through all my struggles as an International Student in the US. Megan is the type of person to always look at a situation positively and create the best out of what she is given to work with. I would work with Megan in a heartbeat!, Eileen Smith Compensation Advisor, Fort Bend ISD, Working with Megan Billnoske through the SSHRD mentorship program has truly been a pleasure! She is a humble leader who is open to learning from her mentees, and eager to help promote their careers in any way she can, making her a champion for others. Megan carries a highly energetic and optimistic attitude which has the power to engage others and light up any room she walks into! Her commitment to helping others achieve their goals is a true inspiration to all leaders. I highly recommend Megan to any company looking for a dedicated professional!, Kesandra Coutain HR Generalist, Space Center Houston, I worked with Megan through the SSHRD mentorship program. She has been a huge inspiration to me throughout the semester, helping to grow myself individually and professionally. She has such a vibrant personality which made our weekly meetings extremely engaging and fun! I truly learned so much from her and I definitely believe she is an asset to any company. I would highly recommend Megan!, Reginald McCalister HR Generalist, Skyward Insurance, Are you ready? There's a gap between college and your first job. I lived it, and I can help. From my large network, to my excitement when you land your first corporate job, I love helping you grow your career. Besides, let's have some fun!