I love supporting your goals by tapping into more than a decade of corporate experience and working with you to create custom, strategic and fun solutions. Do you need full-service training development all in one place, or merely one aspect instead? I have years of experience in both areas. Maybe you need a workshop facilitated, so it has the most effective output. Or perhaps you'd like to celebrate on-time launches resulting from clear, accountable and low stress project management - I love doing those! What about speaking or access to the top tools in the industry for leadership and career development (Everything DiSC, The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Situational Leadership II)? None of these? Well, how about 1:1 mentoring or coaching? You guessed it - it's all in my wheelhouse, and I love what I do. Career Highlights. 12 years of professional training and development in the corporate world with students, interns, individual contributors, frontline managers, mid-level leaders, senior leaders and executives, Trained 11,000+ leaders in more than 10 industries, Developed and delivered 12+ training programs (onboarding, leadership, technical and more) in 10 years, International travel, training and management experience in 12+ countries. Industry Passion, 2023 Houston Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award Nominee. 2023 LearningElite Judge for Chief Learning Officer. 2023 National Speakers Association (NSA) Houston, Board Member. 2023 HR Gulf Coast Symposium & Texas Bay Area SHRM Speaker. 2021 & 2022 Association for Talent Development (ATD) Houston, Conference Chair, current member, former Director of Outreach. 2020 - 2023 Mentor and Speaker for University of Houston HR students and several other universities. Certifications. Certified Practitioner. Everything DiSC. Langevin Learning Services. Certified Training Manager/Director. eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter. I am Dare to Lead Trained, e-Colors, DDI facilitator certification process. A purpose driven business. Vision. Inspiring and guiding people to celebrate their career growth and change the world with servant leadership. Mission, To connect people, ideas and experiences where doors unlock, minds open and inspiration breathes., values, Integrity, fun, personalization, communication, accountability, community, My story, I have a husband, family and life that I absolutely love – a result of what I believe to be a solid family foundation, strong values, good choices and an adventurous ambition to never settle in life. I grew up in Katy, TX with my very supportive parents and younger brother. In high school, I played volleyball, was president of the business club (Future Business Leaders of America) and a member of DARE role models. Some of my favorite things are cats, painting art, country dancing, margaritas and Thursday date nights with my husband, best friend and love of my life, Chris. As for my professional journey, it began in 2010 when I graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s in Mass Communications and Studio Art. After about six months, I landed my first job. I was a Houston recruiter for Texas Tech University – driving the Tech car and speaking to thousands of students and their parents. My job was to travel the Houston area and deliver personalized presentations about Tech and how to apply. I loved it! After about a year, my inner voice nudged me to "think bigger". My thoughts circulated around global travel, public speaking and doing something new. In a few months, I moved into the oil and gas industry, working as an international Corporate Trainer. The manufacturing company hired me for my public speaking skills, vowing to teach me everything else, which they did. Having never traveled abroad, I was ecstatic and mystified. Much of the way I see the world today came from my 5 years there. As their first and only trainer, my training projects sent me to Canada first, then on to Scotland, England, Dubai, Singapore and Louisiana. Working so closely with all the employees, they became my family. I designed and implemented Microsoft classes to help them, brought in their first Learning Management System (LMS) so they could access online classes and led the training program for a company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation so they knew how to keep doing their job in the new system. Each trip was a blast. I met new people face-to-face and trained during the day. In the evenings, we went on exotic excursions like a Dubai Desert Safari or fish pedicures in Singapore. This is where I fell in love with cultures and truly experiencing life. At the age of 25, I was living beyond my wildest dreams and ready for more. Soon, that voice returned to "think bigger". My quest guided me into a different industry called Professional Employer Organizations, or PEOs, as a Sales Trainer. I was excited to expand beyond IT and HR training, and dive into a new world of sales. While I was there, I discovered a passion for DISC behavioral assessments, and understand people in a whole new way. I enjoyed their culture, servant leader mindset and my team, but I was ready to get back into training management and design. Next stop - the construction industry. It was a grand world of monstrous machines, literally! "Success is not owned. It is rented, and the rent is due everyday." RODNEY COPELAND (my Dad) This equipment company is the infrastructure and support for Houston and engines that literally power the world. Little did I know that I would find another passion of mine here - working with college graduates. I was hired to design, implement and run their first Management Training Program, and I loved coaching and working with them! From my first meeting with the Vice President, he predicted that I would only realistically keep 2 or 3 out of the 14 graduates they had hired. Confused, I said, "I bet I keep them all." He chuckled at my optimism, and we bet a hamburger on it. By the end, let's just say that he owed me a burger. The allure of the international world bubbled up again, so I moved into an international engineering company with subsea robotics, engineered Disney rides, majestic ocean vessels and ties to NASA. Learning everything our company did was amazing, and I was so proud to be part of such a cool organization. With about 8,000 employees, it was the largest company I had worked for up until that point. And then... March 2020. COVID hit. Four months later, I inherited a new team, with folks scattered from Houston to Florida, Brazil and the UK. With work-from-home our new life, back-to-back meetings all day and everyday were the new normal. It was intense. COVID was devastating and scary for the entire world. All employees were at home, working more and more hours. I saw it in my direct reports, too. Mental health, burnout and stress were rampant and with no end in sight. So, I decided that my team would use MY TIME with them to take a break, since it was one of the only things in my control in our out-of-control COVID world. I implemented bi-weekly team meetings, where we used 1 hour to play team games, activities, share stories and a pajama dress up day for the holidays. We took a break to just be people. I also added in an employee of the month award to foster team camaraderie. The winners would receive a virtual balloon drop or shower of confetti, along with a nice certificate. It was a blast! As a result, we had the most communicative, knowledge-sharing, high-performing team that I have ever seen. It was here that I found my passion for leadership and growing a true team. By the way, that same team chats together on What’s App to this day, and I still get personal calls and chats when they get a new job or a new pet. With the economy shifting, I decided to grow into an industry outside of oil and gas. This time, I moved into one of the largest healthcare systems in southeast Texas and the Texas Medical Center. Their Organizational Learning and Development department was doing work with Disney Institute, Cornerstone LMS, Korn Ferry and DDI! Never having heard a company doing this before, I felt like I had found the training celebrity row, all in one spot! Within a few weeks, I realized that healthcare and I really have the same values – we love to help people. Simple, yes, but for the first time in my career, the core of who I was matched the company's product: service. This is where I fully understood how it felt to match values and purposes with your job. It creates a whole new engagement level, and it's not just some hocus pocus interview question people say to ask. It's real. With 29,000+ employees, the system had some amazing leaders who were thirsty for leadership training following the COVID pandemic. My team and I created, implemented and facilitated all their leadership programs in 2022. I’ll never forget the day I had a helicopter pilot from Life Flight in my leadership class, sharply dressed and highly engaged. In another class, I met the director of the transplant department, drawing on flip chart paper with her table. They were just students in my class at that moment, but very often they helped people who are in their darkest hour. In awe, I thought, "If I can help them with even a small bit of leadership skills to use in their high-stress roles, then I will be helping people that help people." It was on a whole new level. Along with my professional career, I am passionate about giving back and raising our future leaders who are also on their journey. For this reason, I volunteer with University of Houston as a student mentor. I also volunteer my time at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Houston chapter as conference chair for 2021 and 2022, and with the National Speaker’s Association (NSA) Houston chapter. Overall, I do stay very involved and connected, which I quite enjoy! So, remember how COVID had an impact on my team? Well, it also was the first time in my life where these little ideas sprouted to start my own business. I talked to entrepreneurs and mentors, and I started thinking...what if? Three years after COVID now, I have started my own training business, IMSPIRE by Megan Billnoske. With my diverse corporate experience – the different industries, countries, job roles – and with all of the learning and development experience from Disney Institute, DDI, Ken Blanchard Companies, FranklinCovey and Langevin, it just makes sense. I’m at a place in life where I can offer much experience and guidance to clients beyond just working for one employer. So, IMSPIRE specializes in diverse, well-rounded best practices, and top industry support from the learning and development industry. My story continues in my new IMSPIRE chapter, and I’m living it now! Although, I couldn’t have lived My Story thus far without my husband, family, mentors and friends who listened, laughed, cried and cheered me along the way. So, thank you for being there! Are you ready? Schedule a free consultation today, and start conversation.