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Imspiring Leaders Teams Students from 3 different platforms. Serving as a Dynamic Resource. Training Development & Design, Project Management, Coaching & Career Mentoring, Facilitation. Speaking. Events, Conferences Universities Monthly Meetings. Consulting. Everything. A few things. Just one thing (full list provided). Development and Design Training Experiences Experience a full-service training and development solution all in one place - everything from individual training sessions, to full comprehensive training programs. Meet your organization's needs for leaders, teams and students with ease and flexibility. Goal. What problem are we solving for? Topic, what concentration helps us reach your goal? Delivery, what method creates an experience for the topic? Alignment, Attrition, Career Growth, Communication, Conflict, Customer Service, Delegation, Engagement, Influence, Leadership, Networking, Performance & Productivity, Public Speaking, Sales, Self-Awareness, Trust, And more! Everything DiSC (Wiley), Development Programs, Students, Interns, Leaders, Managers, Non-Manager Titles (Supervisors, Team Leads and High Potentials), Teams, International Business, LinkedIn, Situational Leadership II (SL II) by Blanchard, Team Retreats/Workshops, The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team (Wiley), Aha Slides, Amazing Race Style, Breakout Groups, Competitions, Debriefs, Electronic Note Forms, Field Trips, Flip Chart Activities, Gallery Walks, Guest Speakers, Presentations, Scavenger Hunts, Table Trivia, Visual Aids, Whiteboards (virtual). Popular programs. Everything DiSC - Assessments, Wiley Certification Program & Training Programs. Leadership Training. Situational Leadership II (SL II) - Assessment, Blanchard Certifications and Training Programs. The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team - Assessment & Training Program. Project Management Celebrate on-time GO LIVE launches and professionally run Learning & Development projects from start to finish - clean communication, role clarity, team accountability, delegation and weekly report-outs to keep it simple and low stress. Coaching & Career Mentoring. From 1:1 training to select guidance, you expand your career at any level, whether a student, professional or looking for a change in careers. Access top industry tools to discover your best next steps and understand how to continue your journey. Facilitation. Enjoy well-facilitated meetings, workshops and training events, so they run smoothly and have the most effective output and use of time. Speaking Personal stories, humor and experiences from around the world will provide a new perspective for you to go make a change in your life, think about things differently or inspire someone else. Resilience. Servant Leadership. Yes, You Can! Be Different. Never Settle. View Videos. Consulting. All Things L&D. Contact megan. Houston Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award 2023 nominee. Help with everything? Help with a few things? Or, just help with 1 thing? A resource buffet. NEEDS ANALYSIS & NEXT STEPS FOCUS GROUPS, SURVEYS, INTERVIEWS GRAPHIC DESIGN SLIDES, VIDEOS, BANNERS & FLIPBOOKS INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN COURSE DEVELOPMENT, ACTIVITIES, PARTICIPANT & FACILITATOR GUIDES EXECUTIVE SUMMARIES TRAINING MANAGEMENT & STRATEGIC TRAINING ALIGNMENT DELIVERY TRAINING & FACILITATING METRICS MEASURING PRE/POST COURSE KNOWLEDGE. Let me do what I love to do, so you can get back to doing what you love to do. MEGAN BILLNOSKE. Are you ready? Schedule a free consultation today, and just start a conversation.